Our Processing Plant
Paprika Powder
SAXPERU is a peruvian export company specialized in Paprika and other species like turmeric and lipstick tree since 1997.

SAXPERU has a broad international network of commercial contacts. Futhermore, our Company has an excellent relationship with suppliers and farmers from all the different regions across Peru. We guaranteed the quality and availability, as well as maintaining a competitive price for all our exporting products.

Peru and most in particular its valleys are free of pollution and contaminants. For the past 9 years, our workers have been supervising the entire production cycle in order to assure shiping deadlines and quality requirements.

Be the link between the Peruvian agriculture suppliers and the high international demand for quality products.

Increase the trade balance Peru and the rest of the world. Identify the products and services with the competitive edge which will allows us to compete worldwide.

Strengthening the relationship with our suppliers, promoting training, keeping processes and equipment up to date in order to reach the quality standards required by our customers at the lowest price possible.

Our Values
Customer Focus
Our customers are our most valuable assets. We are driven both by our customers' needs and the drive to provide superior service. Our aim is to provide the right ingredient solutions for customer needs every time.
We believe quality comes from staff experience, commitment, attention to detail, following a job through and sourcing products only from reliable and reputable suppliers
We have a long-term business vision and believe in steady growth through building relationships based on trust and integrity. We have an established history of long-term customer relationships, built from delivering quality in both ingredients and services.
Continuous Improvement
We are continuously improving our level of service and customer support in order to exceed our customers' expectations. We are investing in e-business and integrating management systems to promote and improve operational efficiencies both within our own business and with our customers' businesses.
Trust is fundamental to everything we do and the principles of integrity, excellence, service and responsibility are at the foundation of our company. Excellence is our starting point in all aspects of our business

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