Paprika Powder
Our Processing Plant
SAXPERU processes paprika and other capsicums of different agricultural regions and latitudes in Peru. These products are controlled and analyzed when they arrive at the company’s storage facilities, then are classified into different lots by certain specifications. Also inside our processing plant we have a lab for all customer analysis requirements.

Milled Paprika
The raw product is selected from the stored lots according its classification and reselected, then it is washed and dried prior to milling.  After milling, the lots of powdered paprika are stored in black plastic bags weighing 25 kg. This product, already milled with specific characteristics of color and grain, is known as intermediate product (p.i.) and it is the base to compose the universe of exportable products. Various p.i. of different characteristics are mixed to create a product of the color and grain specified by the client. SAXPERU stores its products in cool, low-humidity, ventilated environments.  Under these conditions the product has useful shelf life of at least six months.

Whole Paprika
Our product is classified by color and physical characteristics.  For that reason the universe of dry entire product can be divided into high-color paprika to be used for color extraction and dry whole paprika to be selected and packed in good physical condition. The latter product is normally packed in boxes of 25 pounds.

If you want to be sure about the quality of our products we could provide you:
- Written Quality Policy Available
- All our production can be track from the harvest to the final pack
- Implementation of HACCP
- Written Raw Material Policy
- Written hygiene policy for Personnel
- Pest Control program in operation
- Production under any kind of mesh (10-20-30-40)
- Pesticides and heavy metal control policy
- Especial Storages for final products
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