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The Paprika is an important crop of peruvian coast with a trend to increase their areas for the agro-exportation market like nonperishable product.

Now Peru has been reaffirmed as Paprika country exporter. The fields of this product extend since Barranca, Piura and Nepena irrigations and valleys in the North; to Lima, Ica, Arequipa and Tacna in the South.

It should be pointed out paprika started as agroindustrial crop in Peru since 1994 at Villacuri valleys located in Ica.

The Globalization generate a great competition in international markets, so we need to concentrate our effors to achieve a recognition in terms of quality and productivity to maintain us in the worlwide market.

SAXPERU use processes and technologies according to international standards since product spread and harvest in our fields, passing our processing plant for selection and processing, and ending to be packed and shipped with the customer texture, color, taste and smell requirements.

The Paprika we trade is the named "Capsicum Annuum" by the formats below:

Whole Paprika Milled Paprika
Whole Paprika Milled Paprika
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